Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association
equips individuals and communities for lives of dignity
and hope through the educational resources, peer support
and public advocacy of its ten member networks.

Presbyterian Association for Community Transformation partners with individuals and groups who want to bring healthy change and stable growth to their communities.  Because they understand that lasting change emerges from the ground up, PACT network members are committed to grassroots organizing that includes direct action, leadership development, and assets based community development.
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                                                   What is Community Organizing?  

Community organizing, the process of building a community that can be mobilized to direct action, is a learned skill. As previously mentioned, it is also the model on which PHEWA is based. PHEWA builds networks of people whose shared values, experience and knowledge motivates them to action. A number of PACT members, as well as other PHEWA leadership, are experienced community organizers themselves and are eager to share this critical skill with people wanting to impact their community.  Contact us to schedule a training